Premium Reseller Hosting Plans run on an improved hardware and software specs. These plans are suited for resellers who wish to provide a stable, optimized and a better performing hosting experience to their clients.

Here is the list of our Premium Reseller Hosting Plans :-
  • We strive to provide +99.9% service level uptime guarantee
  • Solid support. Whether you require something to do with SSL or any regular task, we'll be there.
  • WHM - Web Host Manager - Reseller hosting industry's leading control panel
  • Click and install hosting applications via Softaculous or Fantastico
  • Unlimited Email/MySQL/FTP accounts.
  • LAMP model - Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP
Please go through the plans mentioned below. In case you have any questions/queries, please call/Whatsapp : 91-98722-63977 .

Mentioned below are full details of various packages. These packages do not include the domain name. Domain name has to be bought separately. To purchase your domain name, please click here.

PR-Starter PR-Value PR-Pro
Hostings Allowed As per the selection made in order form
Space 10 GB 25 GB 50 GB
Data-Transfer 100 GB/month 250 GB/month 500 GB/month
Overselling Allowed No Yes Yes
You can allocate any amount of space and bandwidth to your users.
!! A great revenue Opportunity !!
Control Panel WHM WHM WHM
Base Price
Would vary as per selected options
Rs.6000/- yearly
Rs.3000/- half-yearly
Rs.1500/- quarterly
Rs.15000/- yearly
Rs.7500/- half-yearly
Rs.3750/- quarterly
Rs.1250/- monthly
Rs.30000/- yearly
Rs.15000/- half-yearly
Rs.7500/- quarterly
Rs.2500/- monthly

  • Taxes are extra.
  • The prices can change during the term of a reseller account based on factors like control panel's licensing and other factors beyond our control. The same would be required to be paid by the client for continuity of service even if the plan has been billed at the old price.
  • All rates mentioned above are in Indian Rupees unless otherwise specified.
  • Overselling option is available only to new reseller accounts. Under Overselling Policy, the cummulative physical usage of the accounts has to be within the allocated values provided to the Reseller. In-case cummulative physical value reaches the allocated values provided to the reseller, the accounts under the reseller would become un-reachable/un-usable unless until the reseller package is upgraded.
  • We have a strict anti-spam policy.
  • For a valid SSL Certificate, you will need a separate IP for it. This will cost you Rs.1200/- per year flat. Additionally you'll also need to buy the certificate.
  • You can make your emails go through a spam filtering software called Spam Assassin. This feature you have to enable manually. Please contact us for more info about it.
    Being a third party software, we take no responsibility with respect to its effectiveness or for any actions resulting from its usage.
  • Domain Keys and SPF (Sender Policy Framework) can be enabled on request without any extra charges on per account basis. These measures help in sending outgoing email to various service providers.
  • All these free scripts are third party free scripts. We take no responsibility with respect to their installation and functioning.
  • All hosting accounts are subject to the AUP (Authorize Usage Policy) and SLA (Service Level Agreement).
  • As already mentioned in AUP, all plans are for moderate usage only. Practically it implies even more on P-Unlimited plan. As again mentioned in the AUP, we do reserve right to suspend/terminate any account(s) without notice where it puts undue constrains in our infrastructure.
  • Payment terms for all plans above will strictly be enforced. Non-payment will lead to immediate suspension after due date and termination will happen 7 days thereafter.
  • A premium reseller plan can be upgraded. After an upgrade, if the client wants us to downgrade the package, it is only possible after two months of the upgrade have lapsed.