ProXMail - The Business Email Solution

Pack Web Hosting offers enterprise class mail solution for individuals, businesses and organisations at very affordable prices. This product is named as ProXMail. Highlights of this service are as under:-

  • One Purpose Setup. Email service runs on server/setup whose sole purpose is to manage email activity. This server/setup does not run any service like FTP or HTTP etc. which have the potential to impact the email service.
  • Lower risk of IP blacklisting. Since Web Service does not run on ProXMail setup, IP blacklisting chances are reduced to great extent. Emails sent by a Web Service like Apache/PHP have mostly been responsible for Spam etc,.
  • High Availability. As the server/setup is running email only solution which is free from impact of other services, and therefore for obvious reasons, ProXMail has higher availability as compared to other setups/solutions.
  • Separate MTA (optional) w.r.t. outgoing email. Separate dedicated MTA for outgoing email is optionally available at extra charges of Rs.500+GST per month. This improves the delivery of your outbound email as your hosting will not use the shared MTA for outgoing emails except for initiation purpose. Outgoing email will eventually be handled by this separate MTA. Click here to learn more.
  • Competitive and Affordable Pricing. Starting from Rs.3000 (exclusive taxes) for 5 GB space with unlimited email ID's it is a real value for money proposition

  • For more details, please call/Whatsapp : 91-98722-63977

    ProXMail-2 ProXMail-5 ProXMail-10 ProXMail-25 ProXMail-50 ProXMail-100
    Space 2 GB 5 GB 10 GB 25 GB 50 GB 100 GB
    Control Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel
    Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Email Forwarding
    IMAP/POP3/SMTP Access
    Webmail Access
    Price Rs.1200/- yearly
    Rs.3000/- yearly
    Rs.6000/- yearly
    Rs.12500/- yearly
    Rs.7250/- half-yearly
    Rs.20000/- yearly
    Rs.11500/- half-yearly
    Rs.6250/- quarterly
    Rs.30000/- yearly
    Rs.17250/- half-yearly
    Rs.9500/- quarterly

    • All rates mentioned above are in Indian Rupees unless otherwise specified.
    • The rates mentioned above are exclusive taxes
    • We have a strict anti-spam policy.
    • Unlimited features are subject to the limits imposed by technical limitations and reasonable use.
    • Upgrades can be done from one package to an another package by paying the prorated difference (including the current month) or Rs.200/- whichever is more.
    • You can make your emails go through a spam filtering software called Spam Assassin. This feature you have to enable manually. Please contact us for more info about it.
      Being a third party software, we take no responsibility with respect to its effectiveness or for any actions resulting from its usage.
    • Domain Keys and SPF (Sender Policy Framework) can be enabled on request without any extra charges. These measures help in sending outgoing email to various service providers.
    • All accounts are subject to the AUP (Authorize Usage Policy) and SLA (Service Level Agreement).